Roasting Great Coffee in the Heart of the Southwest Since ‘94

Over 25 years ago, New Mexico Piñon Coffee began with a small 15lb roaster in the bed of a 1952 Chevy pickup. With his loyal dog Decaf by his side, our founder created one of the Southwest’s most iconic coffee blends using high-quality Arabica coffee beans and roasted piñon pine nuts.

Now the largest coffee roaster in the state of New Mexico, each batch of our coffee is made with carefully sourced high-altitude Arabica coffee beans and custom-created natural flavorings to ensure each cup is smooth with notes of iconic Southwestern flavors.

Doing What We Believe In

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is built on five Core Values that are central to who we are. These Core Values drive what we do, the decisions that we make, and how we approach new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

We partner with small businesses and non-profit organizations to support our local economy, coffee community, and charitable causes within our state.
We are dedicated to providing a uniquely Southwestern coffee experience, focusing on growing the perfection of our craft while offering value to our customers.
We are driven by our desire to energize the world, and seek to show the unique beauty and amazing culture that can only be found in the Southwest.
We strive to form bonds within our company and community based on mutual trust, respect, and consideration of our fellow human beings.
We pride ourselves on creating a company that operates with the highest standards and ethics, upholding a culture of inclusion and community representation.

Meet the Team Behind the Beans

Matt Bregar
Bob Bruce
Director of Operations
Madison Rumbaugh
Director of Sales
Drake Miller
Director of Marketing
Jessica Frisbie
Accounting & Human Resources
Kim Bregar
Purchasing & Inventory Control
Arianda Solano
Quality Assurance Officer
Matt Pacheco
Production Manager
Chris Stripling
Facility Engineer
Justin Askew
Production Supervisor
Jenny Barela
Shipping Lead
Betty Berigan
Single Serve Lead
Randall Teller
Customer Service Manager
Brandon Seider
Maintenance Engineer
Michael Alonzo Jr
Production Team
Kasey Bruce
Production Team
Andrew Capen
Production Team
Jerry Conner
Production Team
Dewey Devivi
Production Team
Brandy Douglas
Production Team
Lizzette Fernandez
Production Team
Olga Galindo
Production Team
Mariano Gallegos
Production Team
Aleta Hallemeier
Roastery Shop Manager
Jordin Herrera
Production Team
Eileen Johnson
Production Team
Cody Kirkland
Production Team
Blair McNeill
Production Team
Sandra Medina
Production Team
Taylor Mills
Marketing Coordinator
Zong Moua
Marketing Content Creator
Micah Pribyl
Production Team
Marcus Schobey
Production Team
Aidee Solano
Production Team
Dino Tewangoitewa
Production Team
Kevin Thompson
Production Team
Jeffrey Trujillo
Production Team